Posted by: jhasara | May 7, 2010

Jeff is doing well

Jeffrey continues to be blessed and as you can see he often has found himself close to water this year.  Thank you family and friends for all your prayers and continued support.  Your faith has strengthened our family. 

Val and Mark

Posted by: jhasara | May 7, 2010

Jeff and his 26 lb Tom

After waiting 3 hours and trying to bring the Tom and 8 hens closer. It was time to go so Larry told Jeff time for plan C. (Admittedly Plan C has never worked before)

Larry and Jeff charged the birds running about 40 yards and as luck would have it the Tom got caught trying to jump a fence.

Larry got down on one knee and with the gun on his shoulder Jeff took aim and shot the Tom in the head from 30 yards away.

The three brother told Jeff this is a prize size bird they only get the like once ever 4-5 years.

Posted by: jhasara | May 7, 2010

More Beach Time

family at Christmas

Cali in April

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Barb Gordon Photography

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We love Houston